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‘FART’ Detested but Important

Fart, usually referred to Flatulence, is an emission of wind from the anus. It is often detested when someone suddenly farts. An adage that was common about it when I was growing up is “Fart killed a foreigner” (literally translated). Though fart is always detested when someone releases it, it is also important. Everybody farts. Sometimes, it does not smell, at other times, it smells bad.
“Had she expelled Fart?” was the doctor’s question to the nurse about me in 2008 when I had surgery. The excitement of the doctors and nurses knew no bound when at last the nurse said ‘yes’. To me it sounds ridiculous. In any case, I guess they know better than me.
In May this year 2018 (10 year after), it did not sound ridiculous to me anymore. I was involved in a vehicular accident and after 2 days, my system was disorganised. Not realising that it may be as a result of shock from the accident, the doctors administered drugs which eventually were shutting down my digestive and other systems. No urinating, no stooling (passing faeces) and no flatus expelled (fart) for about 3 days. My stomach was bloated. The doctors were worried, my relations were worried, I was in pain and discomfort. They did everything possible to no avail. Even tried a procedure which was very painful and uncomfortable. The detested fart became the most important, sort after thing at that time.
May be you are detested, despised at the moment, know that you are important. Keep your cool, never look down on yourself. You are important. You are a solution to a problem just like expelling flatus was a solution to the problem I was facing at that time. One day you can become the most sort after once a problem you have solution to arises. Keep developing yourself. Be intentional in growing and improving yourself. Just as the doctors were looking for every means to make me fart, people will look for you to solve their problem. Be prepared.

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