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“Eat the Elephant ….”

“Eat the Elephant, one bite at a time.”

When I joined John Maxwell Team in October 2015, the online platform was so overwhelming because of the enormity of information, tools and materials. I quickly joined a mentorship group and the quote above was how our mentor, a lady, started.

Reflecting back to 2009 when I was doing my one-year compulsory Industrial Training (IT), I decided to get a job, work for a while to raise money for furthering my education. I remembered one day, a former neighbour who was a teacher came to visit us. He asked my plan and I told him I was not going back to school immediately for financial reason. His questions and analysis stunned me. He asked me how much, and I gave him a lump sum. Then he said, that I should break the lump sum into small chunks of week, month and semester.

Wow! Voila! For the first time, I saw the possibility of going back to school immediately after the IT and I did not waste one day after that.

May be your 2018 goals look so intimidating like my own. Don’t be intimidated. Break the goals into small chunks of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. If you need help, hit the comment section and we will be glad to help.

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